Buy Wind Power by Larry Habegger

First it was the lifesized sculptured cows in Chicago, then the oversized decorated hearts in San Francisco, and now it’s the Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet environmental awareness campaign in major cities in the U.S. and elsewhere. This “public art with a purpose” campaign began in Chicago in 2007 and is on display in San Francisco right now, in one of the city’s most beautiful places, Crissy Field, part of Presidio National Park along the bayfront near the Golden Gate Bridge. Thirty-five lavishly decorated globes line the footpath from East Beach to the Warming Hut, all with a singular message about what we can do to reduce global warming. Themes run the gamut from Food for Thought to Don’t Idle, Use Public Transportation, Population Awareness, Green Office, Take Simple Steps, and Listen to Our Children.

At the picnic area near the Warming Hut with the red towers of the Golden Gate Bridge reaching into the sky, you can see Buy Wind Power, an appropriate globe for the location because it’s so often windy there, windy enough that the globe’s propeller was blown off. Nearby are Illinois Green Fleets and the Clinton Climate Initiative.

Other globes are scattered around the city, at SF International Airport, City Hall, Pier 39, Ferry Building Plaza, the Giants Ballpark, and the California Academy of Sciences. A Cool Globes display is also a featured attraction in Washington, DC at the U.S. Botanic Garden through October 13. The exhibit will move to San Diego’s Balboa Park October through January 2009, and plans are under way for an exhibit in London’s Trafalgar Square in spring 2009. For more information see, but if you’re in San Francisco, come on out for a walk along the water and see for yourself.

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