The economy is in roller coaster mode, the Euro is making travel to Europe impossible for many Americans and autumn is around the corner. Travel to the South America is more appealing than ever.

Daniel Craig, who many say rivals Sean Connery as the best Bond ever, shot the latest Bond feature Quantum of Solace in the Atacama Desert of Chile, according to a recent article by Deanna Palic in the magazine International Travel News. The film opens in the U.K. October 31st and in the U.S. November 14th. Chile is fast becoming a hotspot for filmmakers with Quantum of Solace being just one of many films in production.

Chile’s landscape and climate rival California with a burgeoning wine industry to prove it. You can ski, surf and enjoy the cosmopolitan Santiago and now, apparently, see plenty of film crews in action.

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  1. Darya Mead on August 2nd, 2011 3:40 pm

    8/2/11 Update to this story– so all the cloud filled wet weather Chile has been experiencing has a silver lining, a glorious bloom of flowers! Here is an excerpt from a recent AP article:

    When the Atacama does bloom, purple and yellow flowers are most common, with spots of red, as an estimated 200 varieties of flowers burst from the sand.

    To read more go to:

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