Soaring high above the canopy of a rain forest in Costa Rica was my first zip line experience.  Heights kind of give me the wimmers, a general malaise and tingling feeling at the base of my spine. It seems to have gotten worse with age, but in the end, it was exhilarating and fun to search for the elusive sloth or monkey in the treetops.  I vowed I would try it again and certainly my thrill-seeking boys would love it.

As the autumn leaves change and leaf peepers around the country gear up for nature’s symphony of colors, many are choosing an alternate way to view the extravaganza. Many ski resorts offer zip line tours in the fall, appealing to the more adventurous foliage followers. From New England to Wisconsin to Colorado you can gear up and glide above the trees, giving a jolt to your system while enjoying the changing palette of leaves. Costs will run you about 50 dollars for a couple of hours in the harness and trips often include other adventures or Autumnal activities. So get out and enjoy the scenery by zipping through the forest.

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2 Responses to “Autumn Leaves Zip Line Adventures”

  1. brian rogers on November 11th, 2008 1:17 am

    There is a new zipline in Texas, it is called New York, Texas Zipline Adventures and is located in East Texas about 2 hours from the DFW area.

    It is a well laid out zipline course and the lines are really fast ones. Everything was real professional and the guides were funny!

    We enjoyed the views as much as anything. We saw deer on the property while zipping and the views are magnificant. It is well worth the drive, a little hard to find, but that helps make it more adventurous. We zipped the Fall Foliage ZipLine Tours and were able to make our Family Christmas Card there.

    I deffinately give it thumbs up!

  2. Darya on November 11th, 2008 3:58 pm

    Sounds lovely! Thanks for the info–certainly fall foliage adventures aren’t exclusive to the Northeast!

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