It is Indian summer in the San Francisco Bay Area, or as locals like to say:  “Earthquake Weather.” It’s no secret: late October is one of the best times of year to visit San Francisco and environs. I had been hankering for some outdoor time, so we planned a hike with a friend and her son last Sunday. It had been sunny and sweltering for days, beautiful, crisp and clear, just painful to be indoors. Murphy’s Law, the day we headed out to Point Reyes it was foggy and cold. I actually prefer hiking when it’s a bit blustery, so we weren’t too upset, and when my friend suggested we meet at the Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes Station. I heartily agreed, looking forward to a warm cup of coffee and a treat. My boys were already discussing the potential choices when we left San Francisco for the hour-long drive to the pristine wilderness area.  When we arrived in Point Reyes Station, hordes of cyclists clomping around in their neon, skin-tight gear and cycling shoes were all milling around the bakery, filling their tanks before the presumed epic rides.  I couldn’t decide between a blueberry scone the size of a newborn or a morning bun. I opted for the scone and my boys shared a colossal pain au chocolat. I decided the sizes were meant only for the bikers who were planning to burn a lot of calories. My husband got a savory scone which he munched on for hours on the trail. Everything was delectable.  A few minutes into our gorging, our friends arrived and turned us on to the morning bun, probably the best breakfast pastry I’ve ever had.  Caramelized, crunchy bits on the top, fluffy, buttery, cinnamon swirls in the center: truly scrumptious! We devoured our mid-morning treat and hit the trail for a lovely, albeit short hike. It was at Muddy Hollow, about three miles or so, overlooking the ocean.  We saw a bunny, threw tons of rocks, picnicked in the fog and caught up on life’s stories, one of my favorite ways to spend time with friends and family.  I can’t wait till my kids can hike farther so I can feel like I’ve truly worked off an entire morning bun from the Bovine Bakery!

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