Can 2500 Aussies be wrong? It’s all a matter of opinion in a survey asking what Australians consider the least appealing Australian city to visit on a holiday. The web site asked users to pick their least favorite and the answers are surprising. Canberra, the capital, came in first (well, last, as in, least favorite), which isn’t too big a surprise, but Sydney came in second. In other words, one of Australia’s premier cities is the second least favorite place for Australians to visit.

At the bottom of the heap, or the most appealing city for Australians, is Perth, followed by Hobart, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Here’s how the vote for least favorite city lined up: Canberra (33%), Sydney (14%), Darwin and Adelaide (13%), Brisbane and Melbourne (8%), Hobart (6%) and Perth (5%).

Of course all of the cities have their defenders, as noted by the comments on a story about the survey results. Leading the defenders is the Australian Capital Tourism agency, which notes that Canberra consistently receives an 80% rating in overall visitor satisfaction.

It all depends on what you like. Me, I’ll take Melbourne for culture and restaurants, Adelaide for outdoor activities, and Darwin for access to Aboriginal culture and the tropical wilds.

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