The game of golf, travel, and Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. presidential election are getting all mixed up this week. In a stunning upstaging of Joe the Plumber, William K. Wolfrum reveals on that Obama’s success was preordained by “Curt the Golfer,” an Illinois 22-year-old who says (and he has witnesses) that he hit five holes-in-one in the past week.

Most golfers, including many professionals, go their entire lifetimes without hitting one. Wolfrum sees Obama’s success in these five aces by a fellow Illinoisan (in golf, a hole-in-one is also called an “ace”) as clearly as reading tea leaves.

Brandon Tucker, meanwhile, discovered what travel overseas will be like in a post-Bush world when he flew to Morocco to cover the King Hassan II Trophy golf tournament. Instead of dagger stares and dismayed, befuddled, and angry queries about George W. Bush, he’s received friendly comments about electing Obama.

For golf-loving travelers (or travel-loving golfers) Morocco may come as a big surprise. The courses there are superb, as Mark Marais attests.

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