I teach yoga at my son’s pre-school on Fridays and we always do Sphinx pose. We talk about the mythical half man, half lion creature and I will often ask if anyone knows where the real Sphinx lives. Last week I was able to add that a new pyramid was discovered beneath the desert sands in Egypt. The three- to five-year-olds weren’t that impressed, but I must say I thought it was exciting news.

The new structure is 4,300 years-old and archaeologists think it is the tomb of Queen Sesheshet, the mother of Pharaoh Teti, the founder of ancient Egypt’s 6th dynasty.  Mothers were greatly revered in ancient Egypt: another great teaching moment. The secret found in the sand is located at Saqqara, just south of the capital Cairo. This is the 118th pyramid discovered in Egypt, if you are keeping count. You can see a video about the discovery on the National Geographic website. I could also throw in the news of the latest pyramid found when my sons received their Lego magazine featuring a pyramid replica. They were more impressed than the three-year-olds and both said they wanted to travel to Egypt to see the real version of the Lego structures.

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