Our company officially “debuted” two weeks ago at the online travel industry conference, PhoCusWright, in Hollywood, CA, and what a debut it was!

Triporati was one of 32 companies selected to present in the Travel Innovation Summit where we gave a ten minute demonstration of our Destination Discovery technology. You can see it here.

Everyone in the audience voted on each of the presentations and we were recognized as one of the top two innovators in the “new company” category (and one of six overall finalists). We even received our first official company Lucite trophy!

As one of the six finalists we had the opportunity to present Triporati on the Center Stage in front of all conference attendees, a veritable Who’s Who of the Online Travel Industry.

It was invigorating to meet and engage with so many inventive travel companies first hand and we arrived home from PhocusWright charged up and full of ideas for new innovations for the site. Stay tuned for more announcements of new enhancements and features to Triporati.com!

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A friend of mine named John Higham wrote a book about a 365-day journey around the world he took with his family that will be coming out in 2009 called 360 Degrees Longitude. He had a wild set of adventures, mostly good, many challenging, none catastrophic, and he tells a great story.

One that stuck with me was his madcap crossing of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, with a guide who knew what he was doing, sort of. Salt water gets into everything, is hell on engines, and getting stranded in a jeep fully laden with food but no fuel to cook it looks like a dead certainty.

And then things get worse. Continue reading »

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Posted by Darya Mead

Traveling with kids is certainly different than it was before I became a parent, but one doesn’t have to limit oneself to Theme Parks and chicken nuggets. You can experience new places, travel to exotic locales and integrate, even more, into the local scene with kids in tow.

It’s great to get tips from other parents who love to travel with their brood. Many parents do this informally with their parenting groups or extended circle of friends. I am constantly swapping links, information and stories with other parents wanting to take their kids traveling. A new site called trekaroo.com offers an interactive experience for traveling parents.  Continue reading »

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I live in San Francisco, so when I think about skiing my thoughts never stray far beyond Lake Tahoe. After all, I can get there in three hours (if I time my departure to avoid heavy traffic), resorts such as Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Heavenly Valley, Northstar, and others offer slopes and facilities as appealing as just about anywhere (Squaw Valley, certainly, is recognized around the world as a great ski resort), and I have friends there to visit.

If it’s Nordic skiing I want rather than alpine, the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area near Tahoe City on the north shore has 40 miles of groomed trails, fabulous views of the lake, trailside warming huts, and everything you’d expect in facilities. Many of the downhill resorts also have cross-country options, so why would I go anywhere else? Continue reading »

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As I wrote in a post on my own blog earlier this year, Chile and Peru dispute the origin of the addictive aperitif known as the pisco sour, the welcome drink at nearly every hotel in both countries. I enjoy both the Chilean and Peruvian versions, but I never expected to read, as I did in a recent Huffington Post, that George W. Bush had broken his personal prohibition pledge at the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Lima, Peru, with a pisco sour.

On my last night in Santiago de Chile before heading north into the Atacama desert for several weeks, I enjoyed a fish dinner at Ostras Azócar, one of the city’s classic seafood restaurants. In tribute to Mr. Bush’s rare indulgence of good taste — and his imminent departure from the U.S. presidency — I ordered a Peruvian pisco sour (pictured here). I’ll have at least one more on January 20th, and I’ll hope that he enjoys many more in the coming years.

By the way, despite what the Huffington Post piece suggests, there is no such thing as non-alcoholic pisco, which is at least 30 to 35 percent (60 to 70 proof) alcohol. In fairness to Mr. Bush, refusing it would not only have violated diplomatic protocol — it would have been extremely rude in the Peruvian context.

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