Veteran USA Today travel reporter Laura Bly took a test drive of Triporati the other day and had some good things to say, including: “What sets Triporati apart is the range and depth of its resulting destination information: succinct overviews written by veteran guidebook writers and other experts, plus location-specific videos, news and blog postings and targeted links to several other planning sources, from Wikitravel to TripAdvisor.”

Naturally she had constructive criticism for us, too, in particular: “…while we like the idea of Triporati’s travel experts posting “must see” and “skip it” lists for each destination, it would be more useful to put them in context.”

We’ll keep doing more of the good stuff and work on improving other areas, and of course we welcome any and all feedback.

Read the whole USA Today review, the second on the screen following a review of

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  1. lara dunston on January 18th, 2009 3:24 am

    Well, Larry, she obviously saw my critique first… ;)

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