My husband just returned from a business trip to Vegas. Given the economy, according to his report, Sin City was not buzzing. I jokingly asked him if he hit any buffets and his eyes rolled. He said it had been a while since he had seen such a crop of obese people and consequently he ate very little while away.

Since I was cloistered at home with two boys sick with a stomach bug, it seemed like our entire family was on a peculiar diet.  This discussion and my secret obsession with a somewhat trashy/voyeuristic reality show called The Biggest Loser got me to thinking about the obesity epidemic once again. Full disclosure, one of my more interesting jobs was as a diet counselor in NYC, back in the last century. I do think this show and many other books, programs and organizations are working hard to combat this plague and perhaps the slump in the economy will mean more home cooked meals and outdoor fun, on the cheap, instead of more fast food. As a journalist, mom and yoga teacher I have legitimate reasons to follow America’s expanding waistline, even though my family gets tired of my rants.

So back to Vegas…it seems the city of Lost Wages, one of the fastest growing metropolises in the last years, also comes in at #4 on the Top Fattest Cities List. Surprisingly Miami tops the list despite the South Beach Diet and proximity to sun, sand and surf. Equally shocking, Salt Lake City, Utah comes in as the top fittest city in the United States.  San Francisco, where I live, only came in 12th, which surprised me. On any given day, 365 days a year, you see people out jogging, cycling or heading to a yoga class, but cuisine in the Bay Area is equally appealing…go figure.
For a full list check out the Men’s Fitness Magazines’ ranking.

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