It was my son’s 10th birthday and we always try to celebrate with a super summery adventure. One year we went to Disneyland. Last year, The Police Reunion Concert (my choice) and this year I deftly averted a trip to Vacaville, CA and Scandia; a nightmarish Scandinavian themed,  mini-golf/ arcade experience, in 100 plus degree heat (thanks to a colleague who did a weather check for me). We settled on Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a West Coast Coney Island if you will, kinda lost in time;  totally manageable.  So off we went ready for rides, perhaps swimming, lots of sugary treats and maybe a skeeball game or two (my grandma Viola was the queen of skeeball in Hollywood, Florida and I have taken up the passion).  We had a blast on the flume, roller coasters and my favorite, a hang gliding twirly thing; although the chin rest smelled super funky sweaty. I even did some body surfing and a sea lion joined me about 30 yards away. But the highlight o the day was the FREE circus performance on the beach. CIRQUE MAGNIFIQUE has performances July 12th- August 20th. There are two free shows daily; Monday –Thursday: noon & 3:00 and Sunday: noon & 6:00. It is no Cirque du Soleil, but we knew immediately the performers were Quebecois (what’s in the water there?). It was so adorable, I would venture… enchanting. It wasn’t jaw dropping feats but completely entertaining and so lovely to enjoy in the sun, rubbing your feet in the sand; don’t miss it!

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2 Responses to “FREE Cirque Magnifique on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk”

  1. Brenda Echols on September 18th, 2009 3:59 pm

    I was vacationing in the Bay Area during July of this summer, when I went to Santa Cruz for the day. My cousin and I, both from Louisiana (we are both California natives, though), enjoyed the performance of the Cirque Magnifique very much. It was very entertaining, and after being away for 25 years, good to put our feet in the warm Santa Cruz sand. This is a DO NOT MISS show if you are in Santa Cruz or anywhere it may be playing.

  2. Darya Mead on September 21st, 2009 12:54 pm

    I totally agree, it was so genuine and earnest and it was totally entertaining and FREE; a breath of fresh air in an otherwise challenging summer…

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