I’ve never been to Texas, unless you count changing planes. Austin interests me, the music scene and the reputation for hip and eco friendly folks; sounds like a great city. I know a few people who have moved there and say it’s affordable and very livable.  I also have an old friend from Dallas who moved back there and swears it’s an amazing place. I am a coastal person, can’t be too far from an ocean and Texas, deep in Red America, I must admit, scares me a bit. But, I heard an amazing tale on the radio the other day about a renaissance of outdoor activities on the notorious Rio Grande River. The natural boundary between the U.S. and Mexico and the final resting place for so many who try to cross it illegally, has an ominous image. I guess I never thought about the wonders of the famed big river. The natural habitat, the birds, kayaking; the report was so uplifting. A travel writer and ex- NYC bike messenger, Eric Ellman, has founded a group called the Los Caminos del Rio. This organization seeks to promote the rich cultural and historical heritage, ecotourism and outdoor sports opportunities, and economic development through tourism on both sides of the Corridor in Texas between Laredo and Brownsville, called the Lower Rio Grande Valley. I think it’s the best news I’ve heard about Texas in years!

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