President Obama’s visit to Asia this week has been headline news. Another American icon is headed to China soon, as Disney is planning to open a theme park in Shanghai by 2014.

After more than 20 years of wrangling, the Chinese government has granted the US media company the right to build a fanciful park in one of China’s largest and richest cities. A Disney park already exists in Hong Kong but the Shanghai venture will be the first in Mainland China.

The proposed park would be larger than Hong Kong’s and cover more than 1700 acres in Shanghai’s Pudong District. Residents were long ago moved off farmland in Chuansha, a part of Pudong district near the city’s main international airport, to make land available for the theme park.

Disney has been disappointed with the attendance in Hong Kong but has high hopes for the Shanghai project. Shanghai is in the midst of a huge construction boom in preparation for the World Expo, which will run next year from May 1 to Oct. 31 downtown along the city’s Huangpu River. Soon you’ll be able to add Mickey and Minnie to the mix!

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