The Seattle area coffee is legendary. The birthplace of Starbucks has created a revolution in America, and I for one am indebted to the place. I used to cherish my NY Greek coffee-shop, take-out cup of Joe, but now I am somewhat of a coffee snob.

Brewed Awakenings, Roundup a Latte, Grounds for Perfection, Espresso Yourself and Mocha Motion are just a few of the catchy/kitschy names for coffee shops on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.  I love coffee, but more, I love the ritual of coffee and am a sucker for the drive-through. It’s still novel to me and is a treat every time.

We travel to Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula often to visit my in-laws, who retired there from Southern California. It’s in a banana belt, sunny, and the lavender capital of the U.S.  The town is set in a valley. You can see snow-topped mountains from the Olympic National Forest and Park on one side and the Bay on the other side.

Our days are filled with blackberry picking, jam making, biking, hiking and just enjoying the peace and quiet this somewhat remote, unplugged spot offers. I usually get up early and practice yoga on the deck and stay up late reading, an indulgence for me these days. So, when there, I often switch from my regular decaf to caf and look forward all year to frequenting the various, hilariously named, drive-through coffee spots in the area. Prices are no cheaper than SF, LA or NYC, but they do know how to make a good latte in these parts!

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