A travel pouch with a neck pillow, nasal spray, ear plugs, lip balm, an eye mask, eye drops, hand and face cream and lavender face hydration sits in my closet ready for a plane trip. These days I also make sure to bring a water bottle to refill once inside security.

Flying is hard on the skin and body and until now, I have tried to counteract the terrible jet lag, fatigue and muscle soreness by taking precautions, particularly on flights of more than just a few hours. I can often be found in the back of the plane doing yoga or stretching and amusing the passengers and crew.

So, it was not a huge surprise when on a cross-country flight this week, I happened to read a small article in the New York Times Science Section entitled, Really? Flying Can Cause Mountain Sickness. I knew fresh air was in short supply in-flight but never thought that the cabin pressure might simulate a certain altitude. Turns out, the air inside a plane is pressurized to the equivalent of about 5,400 feet to 8,000 feet above sea level. I know if I hike above 12,000 feet I don’t feel too good, so I have no illusions of climbing Mount Everest. Still, I was mildly surprised to discover this information.

To counteract the dryness, it is so important to hydrate! I make my own lavender potion with distilled water and lavender oil in a tiny, sample size spray bottle. I always ask the folks around me if they mind, before spraying.

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