We believe you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both. On May 25, 2018, we're updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to empower you to make the best decisions about the information that you share with us. If you keep using Triporati on or after that date, you're letting us know that you're agreeing to these revisions.

What's changing?

We're adding more detail about how and why we use the information we collect about you, how we share it, who we share it with, and your rights with that data.

Why are you making these updates?

There are some new European privacy rules that will apply across Europe on May 25, 2018. We're using this opportunity to make sure we're really clear on how we use your information - regardless of where you live.

Does this affect the way I use Triporati?

No. Your Triporati experience will stay the same.

What if I'm not okay with the changes?

If you're not okay with the changes, you can close your account. But before you do that, please get in touch with us so we can answer any questions you have.

Remember, if you keep using Triporati after May 25, 2018, you're letting us know that you're okay with these updates. You can also choose to deactivate your Triporati account. You have the final say about whether and how we process your personal data. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.